Here are a few projects that I have been involved with, always as part of a team. I will do my best to explain what role I have played in each.

Build-your own Eco-friendly classroom

Andrea Alarcón Sojet
  • Role: project conceiver, manager, site designer, photographer
  • A cross-disciplinary group of young staff members and I won a grant of $11,000 through the Youth Innovation Fund award, of the World Bank Insitute, to develop awiki platform for eco-friendly building techniques for classrooms.
  • We recorded the construction of our prototype in Huixquilucan, Mexico, step by step, to accrue tutorials for communities world-wide to be able to replicate the project. The wiki, which will be launched in English and Spanish at the end of September, is meant to empower communities to help themselves by sharing data and practices rather than depend on external aid. The project was showcased among the most innovative projects at the World Bank this year.
  • We hope to begin a community of eco-building practitioners, parents, students and whomever wants a classroom to be able to create one by following the tutorials.
  • Read more about the project here.

Open Data

Open Data- Andrea Alarcón Sojet
  • Role: launching of Spanish site, interface translation, multilingual sites manager of regular updates & translations of feature stories
  • As part of big team, worked in the translation, implementation and managing of the World Bank Open Data initiative site in various languages.
  • The data site was the first step the institution took to a more open agenda, for the first time providing development indicators for free.